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Discover Cabarete in Dominican Republic

  ! Hola mi amor ¡ This surprising and confusing sentence will    accomodate you on any occasion when you meet Dominican girl… It is quite
simply a sentence of welcome. And do not imagine anything other,    other words are employed when speaking about love!
 Cabarete , Mecque of the windsurfing and the kiteboarding? Yes, but it  is more than that….whale watching, night life with a lots of night clubs….

Cabarete’s allure is somewhat more subtle. It is the unique atmosphere, the intimate blend of Dominican culture with those of travellers from
all over the world who, on a chance of a visit, fell under the spell of Dominican charm and could not bring themselves to leave the country.

Cabarete guide will help you to discover Cabarete, from the beaches to the Callejón de la Lomoa, by proposing your a whole choice of restaurants,
hotels, beachbars, windsurf and kiteboard centers, and, more generally all activities of the city and its surroundings. It will help you to know of Cabarete’s
people, the servicies available and the shops.

Cabarete is located: on the Bay of Cabarete, about 25 kilometers east from the international airport of Puerto Plata (Gregorio Luperon International Airport).

Upon his arrival in Cabarete Dominican Republic, the tourist is immediately trust in a city whose main religion is the passion for water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.

Cabarete water sports:

The beating heart of the city is obviously on the beach of Cabarete, a 4 km bay of white sand lined with coconut.
During the day, the horizon is dotted with hundreds of kite and windsurf sails, at night, bars and restaurants of the
beach are transformed into clubs with the typic atmosphere, warm and dynamic, of enthusiasts and lovers of water
sports like kiteboarding

Cabarete nightlife:

It is well known that water activities create an appetite …  Besides different water sports, Cabarete also offers all types of cuisine day and night.

Cabarete has welcomed people from around the world. Over the years, these expatriates from all parts of the world have set up restaurants offering
a wide range of international and local cuisine, affordable for different budgets.
In the Callejon de la Loma, you find typical restaurants offering traditional Dominican-style food, while on the beach, with the majority of restaurants,
you can spend an evening in a more romantic atmosphere.

Besides the restaurants, the beach brings a party.  At its several bars and clubs, you can dance to international and local beats! Remember that most
bars offer happy hour;)… to start the evening

Welcome to Cabarete in Dominican Republic

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